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Calm Waters

Water Analysis

Our instruments in the laboratory are capable of handling clean, waste, and marine waters. Dedicated instruments are assigned for various sample matrices. This means that there is very little possibility of carry-over that will affect the integrity of the results.


​We are experienced with the following water matrices:

  • Drinking Water (Potable)

  • Non-potable Water

  • Fresh Water

  • Industrial Water

  • Wastewater, Trade Effluent Discharge to Public Sewer
    (First Schedule, Second Schedule & Third Schedule)

  • Wastewater, Trade Effluent Discharge to Watercourse

  • Wastewater, Trade Effluent Discharge to Controlled Watercourse

  • Ground Water

  • RO Water

  • DI Water/ Ultrapure Water

  • Swimming Pool Water

  • Cooling Tower Water / Water Features

  • Sea Water / Ballast Water

  • Reservoir Water

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