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Soil/Sediment Analysis

We are able to undertake analysis of samples of soil and sediment for a range of inorganic and organic trace contaminants. Our capabilities extend further to various soil/sediment analysis, including regulatory requirements such as the Dutch list required by the National Environmental Agency and Jurong Town Corporation & Maritime Port of Authority for dredged materials.

Black Soil

​We are experienced with the following soil/sediment analysis:

  • Physical parameters such as pH, Moisture content, Organic Matter, Solids, etc.

  • Organic – VOC, SVOC, TPH (Diesel & Gasoline), Pesticides, PCBs, Phenolic content.

  • Inorganic –Nutrients, Metals (mineral and trace elements) in ppm and ppb range, Cyanide, etc.

  • Bioaccessibility/Bioavailability Arsenic and Lead

  • Fall/Settling Velocity by Owen tube method

  • Materials finer than 75 um

  • Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) by USEPA

  • Environmental Baseline Study (EBS) testing in accordance with Dutch Standard

  • Testing for IBA, IFA, and waste characterization

  • Matured Compost Analysis

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